Monday, July 30, 2012

Debunking the Speculations...Your Gonna Love this!

Ok, I am a simple 30 year old, happily married mom of a beautiful 2 year old girl. I am not an internet stalking, junkie. Nor, am I an overly, obsessed twi-fanatic. I have seen the movies, read the fanfiction, and kept up with Rob and Kristen news when I can. Come on, every mom and wife needs some sort of outlet : ) Anyway, I was as surprised as everyone else when the twi-bombshell was dropped early last week. And let me just say this.....DAMN!!! You guys can really be bluntly mean with some of your opinions and comments. Geeeeze, remind me never to piss off a die-hard twilight fan!!
Anyways, I have seen the,*cough*..."evidence" to the supposed "trist" and, well....I have some issues with some things...So, I had some time to myself, so I decided to create my first blog just to share my ideas with the community. If you think they are dumb and don't make sense, you are entitled to your opinions (but please, for the love of all things twilight, don't start calling me dirty hooker don't know me, I am just practicing my 1st amendment rights...) So, here we go...I like to call this "Debunking the Rob and Kristen Specualtion". This is based entirely on my over-imaginative mind, and keeping my fingers crossed that this theory might actually be true in some small capacity. If it is not, then my sincerest apologies for any offense, false claims or wrong-doing on my part and I hope nothing but peace and goodwill to Rob and Kristen wherever they may be right now...Let's do this!!!

(1) Fact - Rob and Kristen never officially came out of the "closet" to reveal that they were an actual couple (yes, we all know she slipped in the magazine interview "my boyfriend is british", and "my boyfriend just got done filming this movie - Bel Ami...) But nothing like an official statement or whatnot.
So...why in the WORLD would she come out and admit that they are a couple, finally, in an apology towards cheating on him??? And it takes normal celebrity cheaters like weeks to months before they finally admit to took Kristen and Rupert, what? Less than 24 hours? Why so quick to fess-up? Something is fishy...

The photos...ok, yes, they appear bad. But looks can be deceiving...Everyone thinks they were photoshopped, and yes, I will admit I followed with that opinion for a little bit. But, I really don't think they how about, possibly...maybe...that...........this was staged?!?! I mean, she is Hollywood's highest paid actress right now, so I mean...she is an actress...its like her career...she specializes in...acting.Weird?!
Now, before you go getting your panties twisted, let's look at this closely:

(2) Privacy - Everyone in the world knows how intensely, PRIVATE these two are. I mean come on, they have been together for at least three years, and the first actual video/picture we get of Rob and her giving us a little PDA is at Cannes, which was flipping, what?!?! 3 months ago almost?!?! Let's not forget her reaction to him kissing her in front of the cameras, shy - embarrassed - 
Kristen is constantly hiding her face when the cameras are around because SHE HATES HAVING HER PICTURE TAKEN BY THE PAPARAZZI, she hates the paparazzi PERIOD...

So this private, guarded woman is going to go out in public, in the light of freaking day and put on a show of massive PDA with a married man  for the whole world to see?!?!?! I don't think so people...She is constantly hounded by photogs, she even takes time to acknowledge them and flick them off when SHE KNOWS THAT THEY ARE THERE ALL THE TIME!!! THEIR ALWAYS THERE AND AS A CELEBRITY THIS IS A RULE YOU LIVE BY!!!!!!

And the fact that Rupert looks at the camera at least twice, then Kristen seems to turn around and see it too, and you can see him smiling behind her...can we say "joke is on you public"...That is either the most blantant, disrespectful display of utter bs towards your spouse/companion...or they just can't believe that it is working and that these photos are gonna be out within 24 hours for the world to see, who knew?

"Wow, what a bunch of dumb-f#@ks, their actually going to believe this and spread it around like widlfire...dumb-asses"

"Yup, their still looking - keep going..."

"Yeah, they are looking...maybe if you start playing with my left hand, and my WEDDING RING, they might think you are an insensitive bitch and that will help..."

"So, long do you think we have to stand here and do this for them to get the idea..."

(3) The Mini Cooper - There have been many pictures of Kristen's cooper taken in the past couple of years. Here is a picture of here Cooper in the past:

Cute, adorable, yeah yeah...Notice some of the details...Chrome rims (a bit dirty), flat black detailing on the front, no chrome detailing on the front at all. And the side mirrors are all black...hmmm...
A picture of the Cooper soon after, during "The Runaways" phase...
still looks the same as above, right? Well here is another cooper she is driving with Dakota Fanning...

Bottom lights are different...racer lines appear...ALL black rims this time around, matte finish maybe getting painted?!? Not likely...
Now, let's look at more recent pics of the Cooper...

Suddenly, this is a new car...nevermind her flexing (WTF?!?), notice the new above wheel detail, chrome mirrors, chrome front detailing (that was all black...not best pic I know, but other sites wouldnt let me use full front picture)

Anyone can go to a dealership and rent a car people...your a celebrity, money talks..."hey, do you have a car that looks similar to mine!?!?"

(4) The dinner date: Period.simple....she went out with cast and crew of the movie....see that blonde to the right, it is her f'ing publicist!!!! she the blonde chick in the middle of the Kristen and Rupert whom they are both looking at in conversation....It's f'ing Charlize!!!! These pictures do mothing more than stir the pot when there is nothing going on. And once more, they aren't just "surfacing" they came out when they were doing the publicity tour your idiots...I saw them then, so this isnt new anything incriminating that wasn't already
out there!!!

(5) Their personalities...Granted what they say in interviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Yes, they are giving you personal information and their thoughts and opinions on matters, but is it all really "them" talking? If it is, some of these quotes give a lot of insight as to what might be going on here...

Kristen's Pregnant - We all remember the Oprah episode, so watch hear if you need refreshing...
“I once started a rumor on Entertainment Tonight that there was a deleted scat sex scene in Twilight and it didn’t even get picked up. I thought, ‘What the fuck? I’m giving you this stuff!” - Rob Pattinson - BlackBook Magazine 2012
If he were king, the actor's first order of business would be to prohibit boring, noncreative people because there's "nothing worse" in his opinion. Here's his plan for increasing creativity in the world: "The people who were boring should be in prison, and be forced to learn to be creative with the other prisoners." - Rob Pattinson - January 2012
Well, this is pretty creative, i think...
 I don't have the time to go hunting for more quotes and proof...but we all know the sense of humor that this guy I mean, its not totally outside the realm of possibilities, is it?

I just want the fans of the book to be happy. I don't necessarily care about anyone else.
Kristen Stewart
So - Here we have something as plain as day. She doesn't give a rats-ass about what anybody thinks of her. She only cares that fans of the book receive her portrayal of Bella well, anything else can sit on it and rotate. Media included : )

It's impossible to always get across what I'm trying to say, but, if I just stay honest, then I'm not going to look back on any of these interviews and wonder what I was trying to do or be.
Kristen Stewart

The chick is true to herself. She does things for herself and that matter TO HER. She doesn't go out in public and try to be the young Hollywood starlet that everyone EXPECTS her to be. She doesn't "ham it up" for cameras, she doesn't wear high heels out in public on her day off, she may not even shower everyday, who knows?!?!? So we know that she just doesn't care what people think of her. She could quite possibly go out there, put on the biggest farce of a show for everyone to see, all in the name of think? Maybe? It would give her the most realistic take on what it would be like to feel alienated (see my thoughts on what is really going on below...)...

Oh Kristen...I should say you are definitely re-inventing yourself...

Everything else: 
OK we have heard the theory that she was looking for a way out, wasn't ready for a commitment (my some people have a lot of time on their hands to assume these things...), right?....There are SO, SO MANY other ways to get out of a relationship w/out having to go to the lengths that this whole debacle is doing...and I honestly do not think a person of her stature would completely and utterly destroy a relationship (whether good or bad at the moment) by sabotaging EVERYTHING. To subject yourself to heckling, criticizing, staling photogs, destroying your boyfriend, jeopardizing a family with kids....all in the name of "I'm not ready to get married yet / I don't want to be with you anymore". When it could have all been done quietly and under the radar and no one would have known any better??? I do not think so...

Here is my theory...Rob and Kristen both highly dislike paparazzi. Rupert and his wife became good friends with Kristen during making of SWATH (she help cast Stewart for crying out loud). There has been talk that they might be ready to get married (take that with a grain of salt people). When would they have time in the upcoming (at least) 6 months to get married? She is getting ready to film Cali, he is off next month to Iraq to shoot Mission Blacklist, then BD2 promotions, then he is off to Australia to film and she is promoting OTR...come on. They wanted to do it. They are spontaneous people who don't feel like they have to answer to anyone when it comes to their private lives. So, more power to you...They would be hounded and hunted down if media caught wind of them wanting to do the deed. So, maybe they came up with this elaborate scheme to divert the media (cause you know, those moving trucks just might have been empty....just maybe....and with everyone knowing that they lived there, maybe they don't want to live there anymore...) so they could sneak off to get married...i dunno. Maybe they did it all to finally put an end to the Bella/Edward thing. Maybe they are sitting on a sunny island working on their tans, playing guitar and having a good laugh about this. Here are some parting quotes that I found interesting that were made in the past month...Month people.....

We all know how Kristen likes to submerge herself in her characters and actually get into that frame of mind before shooting...well, she starts Cali next month....try this:
Kristen Stewart revealed recently details about her new film Cali toWomen's Wear Daily. In the movie, currently in pre-production with a slated release year of 2013, Stewart plays Mya, a girl from the valley "that gets involved with really strange people, really screw themselves over and become alienated, reinsert themselves into that world and try to survive. It's really 'Grindhouse'-y - extreme in every way. "
For the character of Mya, Stewart will have bleach her hair and tan she also commented that she is going to work out, "I'm going to get into the best shape of my life," she revealed. "I'm going to look like a stripper. I'm going to look like a porn star."

Well, she most certainly has screwed herself over...she is currently being alienated, and she is going to have to reinsert herself into Hollywood/Twilight society and survive all the backlash and haters...good practice for the movie, don't you think?!?!? Very, EXTREME?!?! And maybe, just maybe....the next time we see Miss Stewart, she will be quite blonde and quite tan. A whole new look to be reinserted into society as...anyone wanna take a bet.

“Because I didn’t go to f–king school, I feel I would have had a bit something extra if I had,” she says. “Maybe because my life is so perfect, when I see the other side of life, it just seems like, almost like I want…” Stewart struggles for words. “You can learn so much from bad things. I feel boring. I feel like, Why is everything so easy for me? I can’t wait for something crazy to f–king happen to me. Just life. I want someone to f–k me over! Do you know what I mean?”

Liberty Ross - July 2012 - Before she stopped, Liberty Ross retweeted, 'Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.'

JULY 31ST....Some new things to add:

Just thought I would add some things about Miss Stewart. Doesn't necessarily pertain to their issues at the moment, but some background insight about the lady herself...

Kristen's Jewelry:

Kristen always has specific pieces of jewelry she wears out and about, and they are usually constants in her life...Let's take a look at certain pieces:

A supposed gift for her birthday from someone close to her...whom exactly is in question (yeah, right...)

The Dove universally symbolizes innocence, gentleness, faith, marital affection, peace and consistency.

The deepest kind of Peace and Faith are represented by the Dove. It is thought to quiet our troubled thoughts and renew our mind and spirit. It is in these thoughtful moments we can begin to appreciate the simple blessings that surround us every day.

The Sacred Dove can serve as a hopeful reminder that there are miracles and new possibilities waiting for us just around the corner...



  • Onyx is associated with strength, stamina, courage and self-control. Onyx is considered to be a strong "grounding" stone, which helps people focus their thoughts and concentrate on specific tasks. Thus, onyx is associated with the first (root) chakra, according to Sobriety Stones. Onyx is also strongly associated with protection, because of how it repels and deflects negative energy. The stone is used to assist people who want to detach themselves from negative emotions, or let go of a specific person, place or thing. Onyx stones help to lessen emotional intensity, increasing self-mastery and helpingpeople overcome emotional upheavals associated with change. Onyx is often used in meditation to help people find a deeper spiritual connection and achieve balance.

The Band ring is believed to have it's origins in Egypt where ladies wore wedding bands made from stems of plants. The circular shape of a band ring was meant to symbolise never ending love and a commitment to stay together eternally.

Take care! And I truly hope all ends well in the life of RPattz and Kstew. Muwah!